Raise funds for college, building fund, sport team, charity or personal use.

How it works

Members earn cashback on most purchases from shopperita.com and its partner sites. They also earn cash points (redeemable for cash) for activities that benefit other users, eg. product reviews, recommendations, and product tagging.

Our FundnSave fundraiser allows members to contribute some or all of their earnings to a fund of their choice. Organizations can take advantage of this feature by encouraging their members to begin their shopping at shopperita.com and contributing their earned funds to the organization's Fund.

It's important to note that members not only earn from products purchased directly from shopperita.com, but also from purchases from our affiliate partners that are referred by us.

The fundraiser and their supporters simply begin their shopping at this website, where they can compare deals from Amazon, Ebay, and other online retailers. The fundraiser earns from clicks that become sales on the affiliate's website.


  • Easy 2-step process to create a fund and begin earning
  • FUNDRAISER RECEIVES UP TO 75% of site earnings from referrals
  • Can't  find an item on site? Just click on a banner to go to the affiliate's site. You still earn for qualified purchases.

It's easy to create a fund and start earning:

1. Create a free membership account

2. Create a Fund page

3. Promote your Fund

4. Manage your earnings