Save even more with our Cashback Program

In addition to the already big savings from everyday deals, members earn up to 40% Cashback by simply starting their shopping at There is nothing to lose and many ways to save with Shopperita's free membership.

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Cashback Reward Programs are very popular today -- and for very good reasons: You buy the product that you would buy anyway, for the price that you would normally pay, then you get some of your money back. That's a clear win! Shopperita's Cashback Program is one example of how we reward our members and recognize their contributions to our success.

How Shopperita's Cashback Program Works

Members earn 5-10% cashback on all purchases made directly on our site. But we have other cashback deals for you.
Many websites earn referral fees when their website visitors click through on their affiliate links or paid ads. this is how many websites make a significant portion of their revenues. participates in similar programs, except we don't keep all the earnings for ourselves, we share it with our members. When you use a referral link (most external links on this site contain a referrer id) we earn a referrer fee. This can range from 1-10 % on physical products, and up to 40% on things like digital products and services.

When members use our referrer link, we reward them with 50-75% of the fee we receive through their action. For organizations we contribute back up to 85% of the referrer fee.

Member Reward Points

Cashback rewards are stored on the site as Member Reward Points, where one dollar = 100 points. Note that there are other ways of earning cash points on Your total earnings from each action is combined and reflected in your total points on your account.

How you get paid

Our primary method of payment at this time is through Paypal. When your earnings add up to at least $10 dollars you can request a withdrawal.

Using your cashback rewards to make purchases

You can also use your cashback rewards to make purchases on our Partner sites. In that case, you do not need to wait until you've accumulated $10 in cash points. Your cashback reward is also worth an extra 10%. You will have the option to use your points on checkout.